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I am a Cumbrian born photographic artist based in Manchester. My main fascination with the world is nature and landscape, this perhaps stems from a rural upbringing. My experience of photography started not long before I applied for my degree, after travelling for 2 years I found myself in possession of a camera and became absorbed in freezing slices of time. It was at this point I started to see the potential of making images and the power they can hold. However, I knew little of how to make images that spoke to people and longed to understand the technicality of crafting meaning through a photograph.

Over the past 3 years I have made a variety of different photographic work and more recently film but have found myself returning to my roots of nature. However, throughout all of my projects the concept is the key and having a strong idea, grounds all of my work. Through this experience I have gained the ability to be a powerful visual communicator. However, there is always more to learn and like most photographers’ perfection is always just out of reach. Over the next few years I hope to continue to learn, grow and communicate through my images.


Sarah Lyons - Artist

"Joe Roper took all the portfolio photographs for my website: He worked seamlessly with my model and the resulting images matched my brief perfectly. He communicated with me throughout the entire process from booking stage to completion and he offered creative input when requested. His speedy delivery of the images ensured I met my deadline. I am sure Joe’s photographs will help attract the right clientele for my business."

Claire Batt - Artist

"Joe was very professional when it came to photographing my jewelry and captured tiny details beautifully. He took direction well and was open to spontaneous suggestions, resulting in images I will be using for all my marketing materials."

Leo Astudillo - Director

"Joe is a professional and skilled photographer who is not afraid of collaboration. Joe worked on set on two films I directed, The Package and The Cliff, and in both he could easily understand what was needed. He produced both stills for promotional use and behind the scenes photography. He captured beautiful candid images that showcased the cast and crew and confidently directed the cast to replicate scenes from the films. Joe was a fantastic addition to our productions and his contribution was indispensable."

Katherine Lees - Artist

''Joe photographed a collection of my printed ceramic vessels, patterned ceramics can be tricky to capture, he took product shots on plain background and lifestyle shots on location. We met up and discussed ideas for the shoots beforehand, Joe listened to all my ideas and translated these into the final images perfectly. He suggested his own really creative ideas and styled some of the shots too. I felt like Joe really wanted to go the extra mile to achieve the results I wanted. The resulting images were fantastic, they really captured the stories I wanted to tell. Joe was so friendly and accommodating, I look forward to working with him again in the future.''

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